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GDPR Details

Luke Askew and Kirstie Cousins, trading as Leytonstone Osteopathy and Leytonstone Osteopaths
Office 8,
6 Gainsborough Road
E11 1HT

Providing Osteopathic services to our patients


The website makes no use of cookies, however we do use Google Analytics to anonymously analyse page hits and visitor traffic.

Retention Period

The retention policy is set to eight years for adults and 25 years for minors. This period will begin from your last visit and is reset each subsequent time you visit.

Data storage

Your patient data is stored in the UK at the office in Leytonstone in paper format or sometimes on Dropbox and we use a Google calendar to keep records of your upcoming and historical appointments. Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar and Dropbox are either GDPR complaint right now or will be by the 25th May 2018.

Contact Details

For patients of Luke or Kirstie, contact for patient record data details specifically to you.